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  1. Zydel

    The concept behind the project was to create a furniture set for a living room, founded in modern aesthetics and referring to the traditional zydel stool with its form, design and decoration. The set consists of a chair, desk and a multifunction rack to be set against the wall: simple, neutral furniture, designed to meet the function apparent in the form. They were entirely made of ash wood, whose natural beauty is a discrete and unique decorative motif, which makes every piece of furniture unique. Simple form determined by function and constraints resulting from physical properties of the material, frugal use of wood and modest decorations are a deliberate reference to the folk furniture-making. The contemporary nature of the furniture, clear after the pieces are assembled, has been imprinted in tabletop edges and the system of shelf distribution. Their design and material make the pieces timeless, the furniture that due to its neutrality, simplicity and functionality, as well as the quality and durability of the material, is likely to stay with the user for a longer time than economically optimised items from high-volume batches.